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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Henderson

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Henderson is a multilingual school.   We strongly encourage bilingual parents and community members to volunteer. We need your help too. Visit the website to register to volunteer.

  • Administrative Assistants- Volunteers can help with making copies, lamination, cutting things out, correcting student work, assembling packets, filing, organizing areas within the classroom, and/or other tasks as needed. (Training provided)
  • Language Group Leader- Volunteers would take a small group of students and have discussions around picture charts (oral language charts) or have group discussions about provided read-a-loud material. (Training provided)
  • Math Fluency Coach- Volunteers work one-on-one or in a small group of students as they practice their math facts, track their progress, and if applicable set goals for individual students. (Training provided)
  • Reading/Writing Fluency Coach- Volunteers work with students one-on-one or in a small group. Reading Coaches would either read to the students or have the students read to them. Other tasks may also include (depending on the age) helping a student with their sight work flash cards and writing activities. (Training provided)
  • Librarian- Volunteers would check-in leveled books in the bookroom and re-shelve them. Time: 1-2 hours at a set day and time each week. Collect books from the return bin and re-shelving books to their appropriate areas. (Training included w/ extra support if needed.) There are also opportunities to work within the classroom. These tasks in include organizing book bags to be sent home weekly, return and re-shelving with the class, and responding to shared books. (Training is provided)
  • Safety Leader-Monitor traffic and parking during the following times- 7:20-7:40 and then again at 2:20-2:40. This opportunity would be ideal for someone that pick up and drop off their student, anyone that has the time and/or is here volunteering already. (Training is provided)
  • Monitor both lunch and recesses
  • Guest Speaker- Bilingual guest speak about the importance of being bilingual. This person would speak in front on about 15-20 students.Volunteers would speak with students about their career or what they do in the community to help others. Parent Spotlight (come in and share a talent, hobby or job/career)
  • Field Trip Chaperone- This person would assist teachers and students during a field trip. Monitor students and make sure that everyone is safe and staying with the group.
  • Activity Designer- Tasks may include designing display boards, assembly and disassembly of display boards, Terrance Town help (architecture type work) and/or formatting material to be used on the computer and/ or promethean boards. (Training provided)
  • Nurse’s Office Assistant- Your work will always be done in conjunction with the nurse. Hearing Screening- involves helping the child stay on task during the testing and escorting the students to and from testing. Vision Screening- involve helping students stay in place for testing, cover one eye at a time, pointing to pictures if unable to state the letter or shape, or confirming the student read the vision testing line appropriately. Escort the students to and from class. Other assistance- entertains the students while they wait to be screened.
  • Green Team Participant- At various times of the year, there are projects that will be completed on our outside areas. Projects could include cleaning garden beds to plant in the spring, watering gardens during the summer, helping to create new gardens or locations of interest for the community on our school property. (Training provided)
  • School Fitness Program Assistant- (March- May once a week)  The training program will be once or twice a week for about 30 to 60 minutes right after school (2:45-3:15 or3:45). We will be starting with health education and then building endurance in running through running activities all the way up to running for a sustained period of time. Possible options for parents' (based on parent comfort and number of kids) would include helping supervise kids, making sure kids are being safe, encouraging kids to challenge themselves, helping run/manage activity stations (similar to the responsibility challenge), and facilitating a group of students discussions on healthy living, running technique, proper stretching, bike safety, swimming technique/safety, etc. (I would put together the curriculum for these topics). If parents have a specific interest or experience teaching in any of these fitness areas, that would be a plus BUT not needed!! (This training program will be in preparation for Tri4Schools kid’s mud runs and triathlons in May and over the summer.)