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Madison Metropolitan School District

Safe Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Safe Drop off and Pick up loactions described on the page in text

Where To Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Best spot - Kiss & Ride
on Tompkins Dr.
Please stay in car - No Parking

2nd Best - Along Maher Ave &
Camden Rd. Okay to park in these areas.

No Parking/Pick-Up Zones

School-Side Tompkins Drive
Anywhere except Kiss & Ride

Marked as:
No Stopping/Standing/Parking -
You could be ticketed by dropping
off or parking in these areas.

Circle Drive: Buses only at arrival
7:10 to 7:40 a.m. and dismissal
2:10 to 2:50 p.m.

Staff Parking Lot: not safe for
students to be in parking lot while
cars are moving.

Guildelines For Walkers

Always use crosswalks to cross Tompkins Dr. - Students AND adults – The best way to have students us cross walks, is if adults show them it’s the safe thing to do!

Never cross yellow line in circle drive – Buses on one side – people on the other.

Follow Safety Patrol directions – Adults and students, wait for Safety Patrol to say it’s okay to cross.

Visiting School During The Day

Visitors may park in the Circle Drive during the school day and after 2:45 p.m. Circle Drive is restricted ONLY during arrival & dismissal times - okay at all other times.